Search Engine Optimization Services

Since 1998, We have optimized thousands of websites, obtaining top rankings in Google search and other major search engines.  Our search engine optimization – seo methods are strictly white hat, meaning they are 100% Google friendly.  We focus on quality over quantity; we give Google what it wants and needs to be the best search engine online, which is highly relevant, useful content that other websites want to link to because the content is useful and not because they are paid to do so.

Google Does Not Like Paid Links

Google has stated time and time again that they do not like paid links, this means it prefers links that are earned and not purchased.

You earn links by having something on your website that is worth linking to.  If your website only has content related to your business and about your business, then it is highly unlikely that anyone will link to it.  However, if your website has content that can be of use to the business, provide a free service, offers a free download, gives free advice on a subject that is related to your business in some way, then your website will begin to grow organically which is great for prime search engine optimization – seo.

This is how modern search engine optimization works, it is no longer as simple as gaining thousands of links to your site, now the links have to be real.

How We Can Help Your Website Grow Organically

We find ways for your business to build and grow organically over time instead of by spamming the search engines. Your website doesn’t need a bunch of links, your website needs to be noticed and become an authority in your field or a destinationin order for search engine optimization – seo to be fully utilized.

If you gain that foothold, then 95% of your traffic troubles are over.  A link is nothing if it does not bring in something, such as a visitor, customer or sale.  Gaining spam links only hurts your company and gives it a false sense of security.

Let us apply our time tested, white hat, Search engine optimization methods to your website.  We will develop a custom seo strategy just for your business model.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

  1. We analyze your website over a period of 2 months minimum, if you do not have a website then this step does not apply to you; this is only for businesses that have a pre-existing website when they hire us.
  2.  We analyze your competitors’ websites to see what white hat SEO methods they are using and perhaps utilize some of their ideas on your website, if we think they are effective and not breaking any rules.
  3.  We install analysis software on your website, such as Google Analytics and other tools to track its progress.
  4.  We do key phrase research to figure out the best key phrases to target with each page of your website.
  5.  We re-write the content of each page of your website so that it is both reader friendly and search engine friendly, without being spam.
  6.  Your meta tags are carefully fine-tuned to target a specific topic for each page of your website.
  7.  We write content for your blog to draw in quality links and or bookmarks.
  8.  We make sure your internal linking structure is as effective as possible.
  9.  Install XML site maps and user site maps.
  10. Optimize the code of your website so it loads fast and is setup the most efficient way for search engine optimization – seo and indexing.
  11. All images are optimized and any compression is applied as needed.
  12. We Optimize CSS Javascript and other files to help speed up the load time of your webpage.

There are many things we can do to improve your search engine optimization, the SEO of Your website, its ranking and its lead quantity that are within the rules of Google.  The most important thing for search engine optimization is that your website is maintained correctly and grows over time with highly relevant and quality content that is optimized correctly and attracts links that bring in traffic, sales and or leads.